July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Today is such a wonderful day, July 4th, the birthday of our country. I hear lots of whining and complaints about how this country is run, but that is one of the beauties of this fine country. We CAN complain about how this country is managed, we CAN say that our politicians are morons, and, if we are so inclined, we CAN run for office.

We must stop and think about what the founding of the U.S. did for the world. As peasants and mid-classmen, we rose up to show that we can run a country. We did not need to be born to a certain family or be ordained by God. We opened up a lifetime of opportunity for generations of Americans and led the way so other countries could do the same. Lots of lives were lost, lots of blood was shed and more tears then we can ever imagine. But we did it. We founded a country based on essential freedoms.

Right now things may not be going as well as we may want, but there is hope. Where there is freedom, there is always hope. Let's try to not disparage today, let celebrate the hope and opportunity that others have passed down to us. Remember that they fought for our rights, let’s celebrate them today and use them tomorrow.

Happy 4th of July!

Have a Blessed Day,

Brandy Deming

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