July 18, 2010

The Soft, The Hard and The Unknown..

Never judge a book by it's cover.

When I was in fourth grade, we had this group of recruiters come into our class. They pulled some of us out and gave us relatively odd projects to do. Build a weight bearing structure out of straw, playdoh and a dixie cup; here's how to do an origami ball, now do it. Several activities that seem to have no purpose. This was Odyssey of the Mind, and I was accepted. Think Brain Olympics for kids.

Part of OM was building these structures out of balsa wood. A baby could break this stuff in half and we were to build a structure (no more then 7oz in weight if I recall correctly) that should hold weight, the team that had the sturdiest structure won. I am still amazed to this day that we could do this, as kids. KIDS! We took flimsy wood and glue and turned it into something pretty amazing.

I also recall as a kid these rocks near a creek at my Grandma's place. They looked like rocks, they smelled like rocks, they tasted like dirt, but other then that they seemed like perfectly good rocks... until you picked them up. I could crush them with my hands, and I did. Over and over again, I felt like David. It was very cool.

Laying in bed last night got me thinking about these two stories. Something soft, made into something strong: something seemingly hard made actually fragile. It's like people. Some of the sweetest, most sensitive people I know, you would probably cross the street if you saw them walking towards you. On the flip side, some of the meanest things I have ever heard or seen done has come out of innocent, sweet looking people. We really shouldn't judge.

Not that if you see a mean looking person coming your way you shouldn't be a little weary, but in a social situation try meeting with people you don't usually go up to. You may be surprised. I'm trying. Remember when you interact with people that they are going through life's pile of dung heap too. That waitress you yelled at because of poor service? How do you know that her mother didn't just pass. That guy who cut you off? Maybe his wife is in labor. There's a million ways to be mean and hateful. Let's all try a few ways to be nice, loving and more accommodating to our fellow humans... no matter how much we want to ram our car into theirs and flip them the bird.

Have a Blessed Day,

Brandy Deming


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  1. beautiful, and well written. so true. always trust your instincts, but make sure it's instinct and not just prejudice especially when you know it's fairly safe (ie youre in a big social gathering and it's not like you're gonna go be alone with anyone) it's worth giving it a try. you never know what someone's really like until you really try to get to know them.