July 15, 2009


The first step to getting the tings you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.

-Ben Stein

Everyday we make hundreds of decisions. Some we are so well trained to do, we don't really think about them. We choose to get out of bed, eat breakfast, go to work, what we wear, what route to take, etc., etc, etc.

Some will say, 'But you don't choose to eat, you have to eat.' not true. You don't have to eat, ask Ghandi. But if you don't eat, you die. So congratulations, you chose life! On a less dramatic scale you do get to choose what to eat. You can have a hamburger, or you can have a chicken burger. We have to rethink how we think to make changes and changes start with choices.

If you are one of the millions of people who have found themselves let-go from your place of work and are reading this. I know you are thinking that you didn't choose to get fired or laid off. Using our ability to choose is a way to react to other people's choices as well. You don't have a job, that is a fact, you cannot make your boss change their mind, so move on. You can choose to sit around and feel sorry for yourself. You can go out and apply for a few jobs a day and that's that. OR you can make active choices to regain employment. OR start your own business. We all have a skill set. Big or small. They can all be used to our advantage or disadvantage. You can clean? Send out and email and call around to see if anyone needs help cleaning their house or garage. It may not be much money, but money is money. Use your skills to earn extra $$$ while waiting for a job to come along. Doing something is better then doing nothing.

For those who are looking for a job, here are some tips:

*Keep a written record of where you have applied
*Make sure you keep track of who you've contacted at potential employers
*Follow up at least once a week, by phone, on those applications
*Make sure you know the name of who will make the decision to hire you
*Be well informed about the company going into your interview
*Try to get information on who is interviewing you (google them)
*Follow up with a Thank You Card or Handwritten Note
*Follow up by phone once a week until you get a yes or no answer
*Repeat as often as you can until you get a job.

For those who are sick of looking for a job and want long term security:

*Call or email me, I can help you find or build a business that will put YOU in charge.

Just remember today that life is all about choices. You can choose life, love, healthiness and happiness. We choose how to react to situations. We choose what to put into our bodies. We choose to spend time with our family. Use your choices wisely.

Have a Blessed Day,

Brandy Deming


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