June 10, 2009

Appreciating Fellow People

'If God had meant woman to rule over man, He would have taken her from his head. Had He designed her to be his slave, He would have taken her from his feet. But God took woman out of man's side, for he made her to be a helpmeet and an equal to him' -St. Augustine

Take a look at the quote... read it a few times.. now replace woman, with man or visa versa. We are not meant to rule and conquer eachother, we are meant to be helpmeets (friends) and equals. Anything less is unnatural.

I learned from Sesame Street that smiles are contagious, I learned from girlfriends that giggles are congatious, I learned from The Power of Encouragement by Dr. David Jeremiah that encouragement is contagious. It is a simple way of saying what you put out you get back. I focus on putting positive energy and thoughts out there. Believing in what my fellow men and women are doing, even if it seems impossible. Trusting in that the human spirit is the most powerful force that we possess.

So, what can we do to embrace this?

Let's lend a hand of support to a friend that is in need. If someone is out of work, ask around to see if anyone knows of any jobs availible. If someone looks tired, volunteer to watch there kids for an afternoon so they can get rest. If someone looks down, offer a cup of coffee and a freindly ear. Send a note of appreciation. Send a note of love.

Point of today, do something good for someone else, because we are all a part of the same world and deserve to be treated well.

Have a Blessed Day,


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