June 15, 2009

Monday Update 6/15

WOW!! What a week.

Monday was our first class that we started learning our form as low-yellow belts. I am so proud of Zazel, he did really well learning the first part. The double-knife hand is difficult, takes a bit of coordination and he did a great job! Class was a little tough with a guest instructor that thinks our stances should be different then how we have learned them already. It's OK, he's only here for the one class and we just have to do it the way Mr. and Mrs. Spriney has taught us.

Tuesday Tylor graduated. We are so proud of him and it was great to see both sides of the family there. Grandma Betty Lou, Grandpa Bootsy, Mary, Tom, Delilah, Carmel, Jay and Zazel. I thought is was really, really important that Zazel see him graduate. What a good role model! Ty was so very happy and he has a couple of weeks off before he starts his tutoring and summer classes at the University of Washington.

Wednesday and Thursday were same ol, same ol ;) Though on Thursday we did have a nice little family outing. Just shopping, but it was nice spending time together.

Friday was wonderful. I got to go look around Patty's business, PWS. She had a nice shop with a great selection of computer items and good prices on computers... if you are ever in Mt. Vernon, check her out pwsmv.com. TKD class we learned some new kicks, my legs are still sore.

Saturday was amazing. We had our Treat 'em Right Seminar. Kody Bateman is an inspiration and just an all around wonderful guy. I also met the Packard Boys, Betty and Bob Goldman, and Bart. I walked away in emotional shock. What a great way to live. We give our love and positive energy to the world to make it a better, happier place to live. We base all of our relationships on the fact that all any of us want is to Love and To Be Loved. Just imagine if everyone thought that way. We would be so very nice to each other.

He gave me some great pointers on how to adjust my positive affirmations to assure that they are 100% positive. I am re-writing them today and sending a 2nd card to myself. We also talked about setting goals for our Why. I'm still pondering that one. He was focused on material possessions, house and car namely. I'm not one to be big on owning stuff. So I have to try and think of my why. My family is my why, but I'll have to drill that one down to a very specific why or whys.

Sunday was fantastic, I have reclaimed Sunday as my family day. No work or computer time until 8pm. We had breakfast, went to the park, realized it was cold, went home to get our jackets and went to the park again. Then we went to practice at a friends house where I ended up cooking some BBQ.

All in all a great week. Here are some opportunities for meeting new people this week:

June 17th: Essential Remedies: Spiritual Aromatherapy Sprays at Mt. Vernon Co-op 6:30pm - 8pm

June 20th: Ride to Conquer Cancer, Edgwater Park in Mt. Vernon

Kids Summer Safety Fair, Mt. Vernon YMCA 10am - 2pm

June 18- 21st: Berry Dairy Days in Burlington, www.burlington-chamber.com

June 16 - 20th: Marysville Strawberry Festival

This Weeks Freebie:

Free business counseling at the Everett Area Chamber of Commerce
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